Freedom of speech on Uptrennd.

The recent ‘mistake’ by YouTube to remove and block many popular Crypto content creators from the platform highlighted how easily they can shut channels down. This is not just worrying for Crypto, it’s also worrying for freedom of speech generally.

If you enjoy Crypto related content and feel strongly about censorship resistance, I’d suggest considering some of the more free and open platforms available.

Some of which include Steemit, Minds, DLive, Medium, and my personal favourite Uptrennd.

You can use all these platforms for viewing content freely and without an account. If you wish to post your own content on them most require signing up but non require much more than an email address.

Most of these platforms reward content creators with their own cryptocurrency which can be traded for Bitcoin then sold for GBP.

If you are considering registering an account on Uptrennd here is my referral link. By using my referral, we will both gain free 1UP (the cryptocurrency used by the Uptrennd platform to reward its creators).