Crypto Prices and Calculator

Here is our crypto calculator and live price trackers.
The calculator allows you to convert prices of Bitcoin or Ether to pounds steling (GBP) or other fiat currencies (using the arrow to expand drop down list).
The crypto price tracker gives real-time price in pounds sterling (GBP) of Bitcoin and lots of other cryptocurrencies which are popular in the ‘East Mids Crypto’ community.

If you prefer to see this page with US dollar (USD) values please see here.

At the bottom of this page you will also find links to sites which can help you estimate what transaction fee is recommended for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

If you would like to see any other coins or tokens added please let us know.

Conversion Calculator

Cryptocurrency Price Tracker

Live Bitcoin (BTC) price in GBP

Other popular cryptocurrency prices in GBP

Transaction / Gas Fee Estimates

The links below will take you to sites which give real-time estimates of average Bitcoin and Ethereum transaction fee’s. This can be useful when making a transaction from a wallet which doesn’t select fee’s accurately.
These sites are not affiliated with East Mids Crypto.