Partner Groups

East Midlands Crypto is committed to growing the crypto community as a whole. To help do so we are working with other groups both in the East Midlands area and further afield. This gives everyone more opportunities to socialise, network, and learn.

Below you will find other groups that we collaborate with. If you run a local crypto group or host regular meet-ups we’d love to promote you. Please use the contact form or email us at to get in touch.

Nottingham Bitcoin Group

Bitcoin Nottingham meet monthly at a put in or close to Nottingham city centre. If you head along to one of their meet-ups you can expect a friendly warm welcome. There is always plenty of bitcoin focused conversation and it’s a great opportunity to meet and network with other bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

You can keep up to date with Bitcoin Nottingham by visiting their website at:

Follow them on Twitter at:

And join the conversation on telegram at: