Local Events and Meet-ups

East Mids Crypto – Online Social Gathering – First Thursday of every month.

We host a monthly virtual meet-up via Google meet*. This is the first Thursday of every month, starting at 20:00 and usually runs until late.
Everyone is very welcome to join and there is no obligation to stay for long, or to contribute much. You can just listen in if you feel more comfortable doing that.
There is no agenda to the meet-ups, just a free flowing crypto chat.

For more details and an invite link drop a message on our Telegram chat or Facebook group

*Access Google Meet via a web browser or their app

CoinFest UK (Manchester) – New Dates Released – 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th November 2021.

This event is going to be HUGE! Hosted by Cryptobates group, this is a full 4 days of non-stop crypto related content. This will be an amazing opportunity to meet like minded crypto enthusiasts from all over the country, or even the world.

Some of what you can expect at the event is listed below but be sure to check out their website for full details and to reserve your FREE ticket. WWW.COINFESTUK.ORG


We host exhibitors from around the world, showcasing new and established projects. We have currently secured exhibitors from 6 countries!

Speaker Presentations

Our speaker presentations cover a wide range of topics, sharing their experience from a variety of backgrounds.


Workshop topics have included NFTs, bitcoin basics, crypto mining 101, beginner’s guide to hardware wallets and many more.

Crypto Art Gallery

Our art gallery hosts artists from around the world. Art is an important part of our event and we hope to blend it more into the event in 2021.

Bitcoin Lightning Bar

2021 will host our first Lightning bar powered by FastBitcoins POS terminal. We have more in the planning for the bar, more details to follow.

Crypto Music / Rap

We have had the privilege of hearing some of the best Crypto/Bitcoin themed music live at our event! We close the days with some live entertainment.

Attendee – 5 Minutes of fame

At CoinFest attendees will get a chance of “5 minutes of fame” – We will be hosting interviews with attendees and you’ll have the chance to be included in our post event video/media coverage.

Live Streamed!

For the 1st time catch of event via a live stream! Using a well known platform our event will be live streamed with free of charge access!

Ticket Hodler Raffle

Every ticket holder is automatically entered into our free raffle with the chance to win the goodies each day (Tickets need to be signed in) – Previous prizes have included SuperBitcoiner keyrings, Bitcoin starter kits, White paper mug, bitcoin badges, Bitcoin fork, stress bull, hardware wallets and crypto socks.

Crypto ATM

Visit our event and use our onsite Crypto ATM to purchase Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Crypto Focused Activities

We have hosted a range of activities over the years at CoinFest including our 2019 graffiti wall, our cash grabber wind tunnel, guess the safe combination competition and our crypto themed photo booth.

2021 Blue Track

2021 will host our first ‘Blue Track’ – Focused on newbies this track will be provided dedicated beginner workshops, exhibitors and materials. We hope to point newbies in the right direction connecting them with some of the most educated people in Crypto.

Crypto treasure hunt

Find the hidden private keys throughout the CoinFest Venue. With clues encoded into QR codes around the venue and extra prizes hidden in our balloon pit.

Blockchain Gaming

We are working with Blockchaingaming.com for our 2021 event to host a range of Blockchain based games for attendees to play. We are also planning on hosting a Blockchain Gaming Panel.

Crypto Panel

Our Crypto Panel brings together panellists from a variety of backgrounds. Our panel covers topics including Crypto adoption, the future of crypto and a Q&A with the audience.

Trading Corner

Simply an area set up at the event where attendees can visit and find out about OTC trading, exchanges, wallets and keeping funds safe! Our trading corner partner list is growing, scroll down to check out our partners.

If you are arranging a cryptocurrency, blockchain, or other relevant event / meetup anywhere in the East Midlands area we’d love to hear about it. Please use the form in the ‘Contact us’ section to send details of the event and we’ll happily add them to this page.