EMC Partner With Satoshi’s Place

East Mids Crypto have partnered with Crypto Bates Group to help and support their new crypto hub. Satoshi’s Place is a real-world venue aiming to promote the adoption and use of cryptocurrencies.

Satoshi’s Place is located in Bury (postcode BL9 0DA). This is outside the East Midlands area, but we feel it’s such an awesome and innovative idea, and we are proud to work with Adam and the team to promote and support their growth.

At Satoshi’s Place you can expect to find the following:

  • The Lightning Bar – All the Food & Drink menu will be available for purchase via bitcoin using the lightning network. There is even a Custom Lightning Drinks Menu – Fancy a “Negroni Nakamoto”, “Brave Bull” or “Lighting Fast”?
  • Workshops – Built around CryptoBatesGroups network which has grown organically via their UK events. The Hub will host a variety of Workshops inc Solidity, Lightning, NFTs, Bitcoin basics, Crypto Tax and more.
  • Hot Desk space – The Hub will be a place to help developers connect, grow projects and have some quiet time to code! Pay to Hot Desk OR Support us and get the space for free. Free tea or coffee and super-fast fibre broadband.
  • The Bitcoin Arcade – Yes you read it right, a Bitcoin Arcade! Hosting an old school Arcade Claw Machine, Play to Earn games (From Zebedee.io) and a Retro arcade machine. Earn some Satoshis and spend it at the bar or HODL, the choice is yours.
  • Merchant Adoption Framework – one of the biggest goals of the Hub is adoption, at every level, from the Consumer to big businesses. An ever-developing merchant adoption framework is being built using IRL transaction data and scenarios. The framework also supports businesses with Crypto Tax advice, hodling vs selling and an overview of building a bitcoin circular economy.
  • NFT art gallery – The wild world of crypto art will have its own wall space at the hub with several ‘Artist’ events planned to include artwork auctions and NFT giveaways.  

For more information on Satoshi’s Place check out the website at:


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